RUD Exhibiting at Offshore Europe 1C65

RUD deliver on ground-breaking products and have earned over 500 international patents for our continuous product development and innovative approach. The following is an overview of our products and areas of expertise that will be on display at Offshore Europe, stand 1C65.

Lifting Equipment:

RUD lifting equipment offers over 700 lifting and lashing points for bolting and welding covering a working load limit of 0,6 – 250 tonnes. Our lifting points are robust and resilient, offering a safety factor of 4:1 and an impressive resistance to temperatures from -60°c to +400°c. A range of lifting points, VIP sling chain and components are DNVGL approved, ensuring the highest levels of safety to the operator and equipment being lifted. RUD lifting equipment has been used across many offshore oil & gas projects for shipbuilding, turbine lifting, wind farm installations and crane construction to name a few.

ROV Hook:

Our RUD ROV hook has been met by the industry with great enthusiasm and offers an enhanced level of safety and load security in subsea lifting challenges. The ROV hook is currently available as a 10 tonne working load limit capacity hook with a 25 tonne hook coming in autumn 2019. It offers a safety factor of 4:1, is 100% crack tested and can withstand a dynamic loading of more than 20,000 load cycles according to European Standard EN 1677.

Lifting Equipment Inspection: RUD BLUE ID-SYSTEM:

The timely inspection of your lifting equipment when working across Offshore Oil and Gas environments is crucial. Safe equipment helps to protect your employees and secure the loads being lifted. RUD’s BLUE ID-SYSTEM offers the solution for easy product inspection with RFID technology. The RFID transponder is integrated as standard in defined RUD product groups, only offered by RUD. The RUD BLUE ID-SYSTEM delivers an overall solution for the inspection of your equipment, which is legally compliant, saves time and costs, allows quick and easy inspection and management of your products.

Conveyor and Drive Solutions:

RUD TECODS drive systems offer high performance solutions for lifting, moving, turning or telescoping applications across the offshore sector. From moving hangar or industrial doors of several tonnes to gangway and ship access systems, the scope of RUD’s TECDOS drive systems can be adapted to standard and specific project needs. 

RUD’s fine calibrated round steel link chains are extremely robust, offer three-dimensional mobility and require less space than most comparable solutions. The chain fits perfectly with corresponding components such as pocket wheels and chain guides, which run smoothly and offer an exceptionally high wear resistance.

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