Materials Handling

Top Quality Lifting and Conveyor and Drives Solutions to Suit Standard and Bespoke Materials Handling Challenges

RUD products are well known across the materials handling sector due to the many distinctive features they offer. RUD experts regularly work directly with design engineers on projects where specialised product solutions are required.

RUD lifting and lashing points have been used across many bespoke and standard materials handling projects for heavy lifting across manufacturing, automotive, plant, plastics, injection moulding, rail, construction, offshore, aerospace and defence.

Over 700 lifting and lashing points

Our lifting equipment for bolting and welding covers a working load limit of 0,6 – 250 tonnes. RUD Chains are robust and resilient, offering a safety factor of 4:1 and an impressive resistance to temperatures from -60°c to +300°c.

Safety in Handling Heavy Plant & Moulding Tools 10-64 Tonnes

Handling and rotation of heavy and expensive tools can potentially cause damage to expensive tools and safety issues to the operator. Our Tool-Mover offers safety when handling heavy plant and injection moulding tools from 10-64 tonnes. Equipped with a frequency controlled drive which ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish helping to protect your tools and operator.

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Conveyor and Drive Systems to Suit a Wide Range of Industries and Challenges

RUD Conveyor & Drive Systems offer solutions for a variety of bulk handling applications, power generation, mining and onshore and offshore maritime projects.

Our conveyor systems offer materials handling capabilities for horizontal, vertical and inclined transportation of goods.

TECDOS drive systems are well known across the onshore and offshore sectors offering quality solutions for lifting, moving, turning or telescoping applications.

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