Safety in Handling Heavy Plant & Moulding Tools 10-64 Tonnes

Tool-Mover Offers Ultimate Safety Turning Moulds in the Automotive Industry

The Challenge:

An automotive manufacturer required a solution to safely handle their moulds and tools. The problem they faced was damage to tools and moulds during routine maintenance. They currently turned the tools by using an overhead crane system and wooden blocks which were located on the floor.

This system was causing damage to the crane braking system and also posed a health and safety issue to the operators handling the tools.


The Solution:

RUD Managers visited the site and conducted a thorough analysis of the current procedures, working environment and needs of the operators. After liaising closely with the RUD design team the solution was to supply a 32 tonne RUD Tool-Mover.

The 32 tonne RUD Tool-Mover would help eliminate potential damage to the tools being handled and offer an ultimate safety factor to the operators.


Safety Features:

The RUD Tool-mover is equipped with a frequency controlled drive, which ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and can be stopped in any position securely even if power to the unit is cut.

The Tool-Mover can be positioned in the most appropriate location in the facility as it does not need to be bolted to the floor and is very compact in size. It can be easily moved with lifting points, a crane or a forklift truck.

The Tool-Mover can be supplied from 10-64 tonnes and has been used across a variety of industry sectors from injection moulding, automotive, tool construction, punching and bending technology, packaging, electrical and more.

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