Aerospace & Defence

Chain Systems and Components on Land, Sea and Air for Aerospace & Defence

RUD work closely with the aerospace and defence sector for both standard and tailored applications for all lifting and load securing systems and non-skid chains. Manufacturing and supplying over 700 lifting and lashing points we help to meet the requirements of the worlds aerospace and defence sector on land, sea, and air.

Manufacture and supply of over 700 lifting and lashing points

The demand for safety when lifting and moving heavy loads across such specialised sectors and product environments is vital. Our lifting equipment provides a range of advantages to the user and equipment being lifted. A selection of our products has the ability to work in harsh weather conditions from -60°C to plus 300°C, and our overload indicator which deforms before the lifting point becomes damaged highlights danger to the user before accidents can occur.

Certified lashing equipment for the military aircraft sector

RUD lashing equipment is well known across the military aircraft sector, being a certified contractor to the military for a range of aircraft systems and equipment we are involved in new projects (A400M) and production and maintenance of current systems (C-160, HUSLE).

Manage and track your equipment effectively

When safety is crucial only the best will do. All RUD products are marked with a tracking code and embedded with an RFID chip which enables you to manage and track all your equipment effectively, meaning inspections are never missed and products are accounted for.

Maximum tractions on snow, ice and off road

Our non-skid chains have been specifically developed for harsh military applications that offer maximum traction on snow, ice and off road. We manufacture our non-skid-chains according to the latest civilian and specific military standards.

Military Technology

On land, sea and in the air, RUD Lifting and Lashing Equipment is delivering top quality products to the defence sector worldwide.

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