Robust Lifting and Lashing Chain Offering an Impressive Working Load Limit of 0.6 – 250 Tonnes

RUD products are well known across the construction sector due to the many distinctive features they offer such as exceptional safety standards and high working load limits up to 250 tonnes.
In an industry where safety and quality is essential RUD deliver on ground-breaking products and have earnt over 500 international patents for our continuous product development and innovative approach.
Our lifting equipment range offers over 700 lifting and lashing points for bolting and welding covering a working load limit of 0,6 – 250 tonnes. RUD Chains are robust and resilient, offering a safety factor of 4:1 and an impressive resistance to temperatures from -60°c to +300°c.

Our engineered products help improve safety, strength and performance

The strength, quality and design of our products make working on construction sites simpler and safer. Many construction site projects take place at height, so ensuring you have top quality equipment is crucial. RUD fall protection anchorage points provide an ultimate safety factor by permanently attaching to structures where frequent fall protection is required.

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RUD deliver on both standard and tailored solutions to meet the needs of the construction industry

Having worked on some of the most demanding project requirements, RUD have helped provide customers with applications that are designed to their specific requirements, project aims and safety standards.

A flying bridge

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Meeting of the Giants: Strongest crane meets strongest lifting point

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