NEW RUD B-ABA Lifting Point for Bolting

Shows Damage & Wear via Wear Marking Indicator

The importance of safety when lifting and handling heavy loads is vital to the operator and to the goods being lifted. RUD have introduced the NEW B-ABA lifting point for bolting to our wide range of lifting equipment.

The RUD B-ABA lifting point for bolting offers a safety factor of 4:1, a full working load limit in all directions and is operational to temperatures as low as -40°. It comes with RUD’s RFID chip embedded into the product making it easy to manage and organise inspections of the equipment quickly and efficiently.

The lifting point comes with our innovative NEW ICE-Bolt which is made from our revolutionary patented fine grain steel which offers an increased working load limit.

The B-ABA provides the ability to check the load ring for damage and wear, via the impressive patented wear marking indicator on both the inside and outside of the body of the lifting point. It allows the user to know if there is more than 10% wear on the item, more than 10% wear on a lifting point means the item must be removed from service. Therefore, offering an ultimate safety feature.

The B-ABA is a robust, top quality lifting point which can be supplied from 1.6 to 31.5 tonnes. It can be used across a wide range of working environments from heavy duty lifting, engineering, construction, rail, offshore, and military applications to name a few.

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Offshore Lifting

RUD Chains offer a wide range of lifting and lashing applications: over 210 lifting points for bolting and 60 for welding, which are used across a wide range of working environments from offshore, heavy engineering to construction.

RUD WBPG 85-200 Tonne Hoist Ring

The WBPG 85-200 tonne hoist ring, is one of RUD’s most popular offshore products at the moment, perfect for many heavy engineering, construction and offshore projects.

As an example for the offshore industry the WBPG has been used to lift heavy cable-laid grommets; the WBPG offers a removable suspension ring in the shape of a shackle to attach the cable-laid grommets to for lifting.

The WBPG is loadable from any side in the direction of the pivot meaning it is suitable for lifting and turning of heavy loads. It offers threaded holes for the Starpoint VRS for easy vertical assembly. The WBPG is ideal for heavy duty lifting between 85-200 tonnes. Learn more here.



RUD Hoist Chains for the Offshore Industry

RUD are known in the industry as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier for a range of hoist chains made from highly wear resistant round steel chains according to EN 818-7 for motor driven and manual hoists. RUD hoist chain can be supplied to suit a variety of project sizes from the smallest size – 3 x 9 mm up to the world’s largest – 32 x 90 mm.

The advantages of RUD hoist chain is impressive, offering an extremely high resistance to wear due to its robust surface and depth hardness resulting in a long service life. The hoist chain conforms to EN818-7. type T for manual hoists and type DAT and DT case hardened chain for powered hoists. The chain is calibrated and precision made to be compatible with the drive wheels of manufacturer’s hoists. Learn more here.


TECDOS, Conveyor & Drive Systems for Offshore

TECDOS has been setting high standards across the offshore industry due to its distinctive features. RUD’s highly wear resistant round steel chains are extremely robust, offers three-dimensional mobility and has an exceptionally high resistance to corrosion due to the vigorous surface coating that is applied to the chain.

The TECDOS application can be used across a wide range of maritime projects which involve the use of round steel chain drives. So far TECDOS has been used to assist opening and closing of flood gates, lifting and lowering containers, moving and swivelling port cranes, launching lifeboats to telescoping crane booms to name a few. Contact us for a direct quote:

tecdos small.

RUD offer a wide range of products suitable for the offshore industry: RUD product range.

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RUD lifting for bolting product range: suitable for offshore lifting


RUD Lifting for welding product range: suitable for offshore lifting:

ad welding



LBS-RS Operational to -100°C

LBS-RS Load Ring

Ultimate Safety In Lifting

The LBS-RS, load ring for welding is made of 1.4571 and is resistant against inner crystalline corrosion – in permanent operation up to 400°C.

The chemical resistance and resistance against pitting by chloride media has increased due to the Mo contents. The material 1.4571 is widely used in the chemical industry, petroleum, coal-tar chemistry and  textile industries.


The LBS-RS is operational to temperatures as low as -100°C.

For LBS-RS product, technical data & CAD files follow the links below:


EC-Declaration of conformity

ad welding



VLBS-U-LT load ring

Operates to temperatures as low as – 45°C

The VLBS-U-LT welded load ring offers a major distinctive feature, operating to temperatures as low as – 45°C. Making it a perfect product for many offshore, arctic offshore, specialised construction & Military projects to name a few.


The VLBS-U-LT holds many similarities to that of the VLBS but offers the extra advantage that it can operate to temperatures as low as – 45°C. The VLBS has an increased working load limit of 50% more than the LBS. The optimized support shape at the suspension ring enables a strong support at loads 90° to the plane of the eye and the load bracket can be tilted by 180°.

Due to inside positioned patented distance supporting lugs it offers enhanced support to the VLBS-U-LT, is 100 % electromagnetic crack detected, offers simple and easy weld assembly and has been charpy impact tested ≥ 27 Joule at -45°C (certified to 3.1material certificate).

View our lifting for welding product range:

ad welding

RUD Load ring VLBS

Offers Increased Working Load Limit by 50% more than the LBS

RUD know how important safety is in lifting which is why we have produced further product improvements to one of our leading lifting points. The LBS “RUD lug”, together with the RBS Eye Plate has gone through a significant upgrade – the biggest change since the product line was first introduced more than 25 years ago.

VLBS xxxx

To align with RUD’s leading Grade 100 VIP Sling Chain system; the LBS & RBS ranges have been re-designed and released as the VLBS & VRBS. The working Load Limits (WLL’s) have increased significantly and the WLL(s) now align and match in with the RUD® Grade 100 chain ratings.

The VLBS load ring is forged out of the high strength material CrNiMo. It provides up to 50% higher working load limit, is loadable in any direction, can be tilted 180°and has a safety factor of 4:1.


The two protective support lugs, inside the load ring, are patented and improve the connection with the attachment as well as protecting the clamping spring. The optimized support shape at the suspension ring enables a strong support at loads 90° to the plane of the eye.


The welding block is forged out of quality welding material 1.0577+N (St 52-3) and clearly stamped with an identification number for the permissible WLL (Working Load Limit). The patented distance lugs assist in achieving the correct root weld.


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