BULKOS Bucket Elevators for Vertical Transportation of Bulk Materials

January 27, 2016

RUD BULKOS complete bucket elevators are typically suited for vertical conveying applications for powdery, granular, lumpy and high temperature bulk materials. They are used across a range of industries for the vertical transportation of goods such as: fertiliser, potash and salt, cement, sand and gravel, among other materials. The bucket elevator range consists of BULKOS round steel chain type bucket elevators, high performance central chain bucket elevators and belt type bucket elevators. Due to our wealth of experience transporting cement, lime, gypsum, salt and fertiliser, all our bucket elevator components are perfectly coordinated to provide a reliable, long-lasting system.

BULKOS round steel chain bucket elevators enables handling of materials under the toughest of conditions, such as high temperatures or bulk flow rates. The elevator offers multiple link bucket attachments which are extremely robust and ensures a high level of safety during the transportation of goods.
High performance central chain bucket elevators are used to provide maximum conveying capabilities in extreme conditions, and to meet high speed conveying requirements.

BULKOS belt type bucket elevators are reinforced with textile or steel inlays. They ensure easy transportation of materials, even at the highest of conveying heights.
The transportation of bulk materials is a major challenge, system availability and reliability are often overlooked and quick solutions are used which only secures limited success. RUD are a valued supplier and experienced manufacturer supplying a selection of conveyor and conveying systems for the bulk materials industry.