EASYLOCK Chain Fitting Systems

March 31, 2015

EASY-R-LOCK Reduces Chain Fitting by 30%

Installation and fitting of tyre protection chains is a dangerous and strenuous job that can easily result in injuries to the fitter and chains. The EASY-R-LOCK system has been designed to make the fitting process safer, easier and faster process.

EASYLOCK, is an innovative connecting ring that makes fitting chain tyres a much easier, faster and safer process. EASYLOCK comprises only two components, is easy to handle, ensures safe installation and reduces chain fitting time by 30%.

It consists of an open omega ring and a locking hasp. Once the ring is passed through the wear links, the hasp is pushed over the two prongs. It is then secured with an Allen key, by a 90 degree turn of the integral locking device. EASYLOCK then remains in place until removed. EASYLOCK can be retro-fitted to any 19 mm or 23 mm TPC.


The range also consists of the EASY-C-LOCK and the EASY2LOCK chain fitting systems.

The EASY-C-LOCK system requires no hammer, it makes installation an extremely safe procedure. It is extremely easy to use and only has two components to handle, it greatly reduces the chain fitting time and increases safety and overall efficiency.


The EASY2LOCK trye chain fitting system increases overall safety and handling during the fitting process. No tools are needed, the system is self locking, no over-tension, no screws used there increases re usability.


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