Erlau for Gosport Borough Council

August 8, 2014

Erlau Topsit Benches & Cambio Litter Bins for Gosport Borough Council

Erlau is part of the RUD group and a leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor furniture (open space equipment).

Our outdoor furniture offers customers a great degree of functionality and design combined with versatility and durability. Our furniture range consists of a variety of innovative benches, seating systems, litter bins, bicycle parking systems to planters and bollards to name a few.

Client: Gosport Borough Council

We recently underwent a project with Gosport borough council. They required benches and litter bins as part of their ongoing improvement programme for Gosport town centre.

Product: Erlau Topsit Pagwood Benches  

Gosport borough council purchased Topsit 3 seat Pagwood benches with armrests, and a mix of benches with and without backrests, that were fitted throughout Gosport town centre. The benches were fixed into the ground with an extended leg, which means that the bench is locked into place but can be easily removed for events, exhibitions, parades and maintenance.

Topsit benches are contemporary-style outdoor seating units that offer a modern angular design. They are available in a wide choice of wire mesh or pagwood seating finishes. Elements can be designed with arm rests or a backless option that doubles as a side table. The Topsit range can be used across rail, bus, train stations to parks and public realms. The topsit seating units are available with or without arm-rests and back-rests. They can be supplied in 2, 3, 4 and 5 seat straight variants or 4, 8, 12 or 16 seat circular.

Gosport High Street (75)


Gosport High Street (51)


Product: Erlau Cambio Litter Bin

Cambio litter bins with pagwood inserts were also provided to Gosport Council. Cambio bins offer a contemporary-style and have an octagonal design. The all-metal containers are made from 2.5 and 4.0mm steel plate, and have three vertical cutouts on the front back, which house Pagwood composite timber inserts as a design feature.

We offer an exclusive anti-graffiti coating to help safe guard your furniture and peace of mind. The bins were supplied with our robust RAL 9006 Anti-Graffiti coating. With Erlau’s anti-graffiti protection, piece of mind can be guaranteed.

The client was exceptionally pleased with the professionalism of the project and with the quality and aesthetics of the benches and litter bins installed.

Gosport High Street (60)

Gosport High Street (33)