Are your Fleets Ready for Snow?

December 4, 2013

RUD have a large winter product portfolio: including a wide range of snow chains, automatic snow chains and shoe chains. As the winter draws near and the threat of snow and ice looms it is important to make sure your cars, fleets and yourselves are ready for winter.

RUD Winter range

ROTOGRIP® is an automatic snow chain system which has been specifically designed for commercial and emergency vehicles. The automatic snow chain system can be fitted to light and heavy commercial vehicles such as; road haulage vans and trucks, buses, emergency services and public transport vehicles to name a few. RUD is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of automatic snow chains systems and are at the forefront of the innovation. Read more here.


The versatile automatic snow and ice chain is deployed with just a flip-of-a-switch from the driver’s seat, while the vehicle is in motion. ROTOGRIP® enables commercial and emergency vehicles to reach their destination regardless of bad weather, a necessity in such a volatile industry, providing convenience and safety at the flip of a switch. Read ROTOGRIP Brochure.


RUD Chains automatic system will reduce downtime and increase efficiency and safety in those         treacherous winter months. Simply switch on when the weather becomes dangerous and off when the road is clear of snow and ice. ROTOGRIP® has the ability to work as well in reverse as it does in forward, providing excellent traction at speeds as low as (3-4-mph) and is designed for a wide range of vehicles and suspensions.

ROTOGRIP® automatic snow chain systems are known for their excellent quality of materials and construction. All chain strands are made of case hardened alloy steel. Key advantages of the system are that it can be easily installed and requires little effort in maintenance.


ROTOGRIP is simply a push and go system that helps commercial and emergency vehicles stay on the road in the changeable winter months. The automatic snow chains offer immediate safety at the flip of a switch, helping you get to your destination in hazardous wintery conditions.

Keep your vehicles and fleets on the move this winter with RUD ROTOGRIP automatic snow chain systems.

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