L-VLBG lashing Point Safety Lashing Heavy Loads

March 14, 2016

The NEW L-VLBG lashing point offers the ultimate solution for safety in lashing heavy loads. The innovative lashing point rotates 360° in all directions and the suspension ring pivots 180°.

Safety is paramount across all RUD products and the L-VLBG lashing point is a great example of this. The lashing point is clearly marked with the lashing capacity for all loading directions (LC marking in daN).

The original RUD bolt is supplied with special corrosion protection, Corrud-DT and offers clear markings on the bolt head indicating the thread size, batch number and class of strength. The bolt is captive but easily exchanged therefore reducing the use of improper standard bolts. Variable bolt lengths are available for tapped or through holes. The clamping spring works as a noise reduction device and holds the suspension ring permanently in the requested position resulting in ease of use of the lashing point.

The L-VLBG lashing point provides quick and easy installation and assembly with a flat ring wrench or allen key. RUD Chains offer a wide range of lifting and lashing applications covering a working load capacity range from 0.1 to 250 tonne and lashing capacity from 3000 to 16.000 daN for heavy duty lifting and lashing projects.

The RUD L-VLBG lashing point can be used across a variety of sectors from lashing for MOD applications to heavy and abnormal loads for road haulage, load beds, cargo, offshore, rail, construction and plant to name a few.