NEW ICE-LBG-SR Super Rotation Load Ring

July 30, 2015

Showcasing at Offshore Europe 2015 stand 3D246

RUD are proud to be the first manufacturer & supplier to offer this innovative lifting point solution

The ICE-LBG-SR maintains the design of our popular VLBG series. The VLBG offers numerous advantages; it can be turned 360° and is loadable in all directions. The NEW ICE-LBG-SR possesses an array of innovative designs. Firstly, the double SR ball bearing offers the ultimate solution for turning and flipping at high working load limits (WLL) without affecting the mounting bolt stability. It enables the load to rotate 360° in all directions under load.

The advanced ball bearing technology is arranged in a double way which transfers the forces of the WLL into a rotation movement without jerks. Avoiding unintentional slackening of the fastening bolt.

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The ICE-bolts are made of fine grain steel which guarantees a high static and dynamic strength with the smallest bolt diameter. Safety is paramount across all RUD products and the ICE-LBG-SR is a great example of this. The lifting point is clearly marked with the minimum WLL for all loading directions. Patented markings indicate to the user when the product is no longer suitable of service.

RUD will be showcasing our NEW ICE-LBG-SR model at Offshore Europe: watch our model in motion below:

LBG-SR Model 2

LBG-SR Model 4