Offshore Lifting up to 200 tonne

November 25, 2014

RUD manufactures a range of lifting and lashing applications that guarantee ultimate safety when lifting and moving heavy loads. Offering over 500 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points for bolting and welding. RUD products have been increasing popular across the offshore industry, due to their heavy lift capabilities of up to 200 tonne, and their robust resistance to corrosion.

The WBPG 85-200 tonne hoist ring, is one of our most popular offshore products at the moment, perfect for many heavy engineering, construction and offshore projects. read more.

RUD are known in the industry as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier for a range of hoist chains used across the offshore industry. RUD hoist chain can be supplied to suit a variety of project sizes from 3 x 9 mm up to 32 x 90 mm. read more.

RUD Offshore 2014

TECDOS, RUD’s conveyor and drive systems, have been setting high standards across the offshore industry due to their distinctive product features. RUD’s highly wear resistant round steel chains that are used in the applications are extremely robust, offers three-dimensional mobility and has an exceptionally high resistance to corrosion due to the vigorous surface coating that is applied to the chain.

The TECDOS application can be used across a wide range of maritime projects which involve the use of round steel chain drives. So far TECDOS has been used to assist opening and closing of flood gates, lifting and lowering containers, moving and swivelling port cranes, launching lifeboats to telescoping crane booms to name a few.


RUD Chains offer a wide selection of applications to the offshore sector, providing lifting capabilities from 50 – 200 tonnes, operational to temperatures as low as -45 degrees and much more.

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