PC Nicola Hughes Memorial North Pole Marathon

October 30, 2013

RUD Shoe Chains In Support of the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial North Pole Marathon

RUD Chains Ltd is proud to be supporting Bryn Hughes and Robert Stapleton in their quest to run the North Pole Marathon.

Bryn Hughes will be running the North Pole Marathon in memory of his daughter PC Nicola Hughes in April 2014. In September 2012 two unarmed Police Officers where tragically shot following a routine burglary call. Bryn Hughes and Robert Stapleton will be running this race to honour PC Nicola Hughes and help raise money for the charities that helped his family; The North West Police Benevolent Fund, Care of Police Survivors and Victim Support.

The North Pole Marathon is a gruelling and demanding marathon; temperatures can drop to -60 degrees during the depths of the winter to -20 degrees during the spring. To help Bryn and Robert on their inspiring expedition, RUD Chains Ltd is supplying a range of their shoe chains for the arduous and demanding North Pole conditions.

The RUD I-Sock, one of RUD’s latest innovations is a revolutionary safety product that offers exceptional footing and traction on slippery and icy surfaces. It is extremely quick and easy to use and simply straps on to your boot. The RUD I – Sock is made from a unique combination of textile and metal that offers excellent grip and traction on compact snow, slippery and icy more about the I-Sock here.


RUD Chains will also be supplying the RUD BERGSTEIGER shoe chains and the new RUD ALPIN for the marathon. The RUD BERGSTEIGER shoe chains are made from welded high grade steel, with profiled chain links which offer exceptional grip on snow and ice. read more about the BERGSTEIGER here.


The new RUD ALPIN shoe chains are ideally used for hiking, trekking, trail running and are fitted with ultra-light quick fit crampons. The shoe chains are quick and easy to fit and offer front crampons with the ‘flex’ system which prevents the unwanted accumulation of snow and ice. They have a steel hoop on the shoe’s tip for excellent stability. read more about the APLIN here.

Help support Bryn and Robert on this great journey to create a long lasting legacy in PC Nicola Hughes name; whilst raising money for the charities that have helped Bryn and his family. For more information of this great challenge see

RUD wish Bryn and Robert the best of luck in their training and marathon. We look forward to seeing the shoe chains in action.