RFID Technology

October 5, 2012

RUD Chains Ltd Finalists for the Prestigious British Construction Industry Product Innovation Award 2012


RUD Chains have been shortlisted for the British Construction Industry Product Innovation Award 2012 with their latest revolutionary innovation RFID Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

RUD are one the first manufacturers to offer the RFID chip already embedded in to an application.

RFID technology has been specifically desiged to track and identify applications quickly and effortlessly making inspections and documentation of products a quick and easy process, leaving dated time consuming, manual documentation behind.  RUD are a leading manufacturer of lifting applications and have been producing top quality chains and components for over 130 years.

A defining element of RUD’s business strategy and vision is leading the field in technological innovation which is what they have done with their innovative RFID technology (Radio – Frequency – Identification technology). The RFID technology enables you to track, identify, inspect and trace all your equipment. The components are embedded with a RFID chip and given a unique identification number which is then tracked through a RUD-ID-EASY-CHECK® reader. The reader captures the unique identification number and transfers it to the RUD-ID-NET® application on your PC so that you can easily manage your documentation and administration of your products.

RUD’s RFID technology means that chain slings and components can now be effortlessly and quickly identified without errors, and the Product Identification Number can be easily registered and managed like never before. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) continues to evolve as a major technological development reforming the way documentation and inventory management is done. Inspection and documentation of goods has never been easier.

Time consuming tracking of lifting applications, copious amounts of paper work and wasted man power can now be a thing of the past. RFID technology ensures that inspections are adhered to guarantees that your products are up to date and meet the required safety measures.

‘RUD are proud to be nominated for the Product Innovation category for The British Construction Industry Award as it highlights the innovative features of our RFID technology and what it can offer to the construction industry, it allows all products to be managed and administered correctly and safety, which is paramount when lifting and moving heavy equipment, safety is key and RFID enhances this’ says Director RUD Chains Ltd Colin Nelson

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lifting and lashing applications RUD provides continuous development and innovation of their products to meet the demands and needs of their customers across a wide range of industries and markets.