RUD Chains @DSEI 2015

September 14, 2015

RUD Exhibiting at DSEI S3-302

On Land, Sea and Air, RUD Military Technology is meeting the specific needs of the world’s defense forces through innovative products from lifting and load securing equipment to snow and traction chains. RUD’s specialty is in providing customers with highly-engineered standard and special solutions when presented with load securing, overhead lifting and traction problems.

Lifting Applications

The RUD lifting range is vast; offering over 500 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points covering a working load capacity range from 0.6 to 200 tonne.

The NEW RUD ICE-LBG-SR Super Rotation Load Ring offers the ultimate solution for turning & flipping at high working loads. It rotates 360° in all directions under load with an innovative ball bearing technology for a smooth rotation, providing ultimate safety in lifting.

ICE LBG 3 images

Lashing Applications
RUD provide first – rate lashing systems for the transport of military equipment on land, sea and air, according to European, International and special military standards. Our chains are made from the highest technology ensuring that they can operate in the toughest weather conditions whilst offering optimal load stability and security for all applications.

MOD lashing

Snow & Traction Chains
RUD are renowned for our resilient non-skid snow and traction chains specially developed for harsh military applications to guarantee maximum traction on snow, ice and off road. We manufacture non-skid-chains according to the latest civilian and specific military standards. Offering a selection of lightweight snow and traction chains with sturdy grip links that provide essential bite to get through deep, compacted snow and soft ground, an essential accessory for the unpredictable working environment of the Armed Forces.

MOD snow chains

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