RUD Hoist Chains

February 26, 2013

RUD Hoist Chains used across Offshore, Construction & Entertainment Industry to name a few

 RUD have held key positions in the machine construction industry for over 140 years, specifically in the areas of forming, welding, heat treatment and surface technology.

RUD are known in the industry as a worldwide manufacturer and supplier for a range of hoist chains made from highly wear resistant round steel chains according to EN 818-7 for motor driven and manual hoists. RUD hoist chain can be supplied to suit a variety of project sizes from the smallest size – 3 x 9 mm up to the world’s largest – 32 x 90 mm.

The advantages of RUD hoist chain is impressive, offering an extremely high resistance to wear due to its robust surface and depth hardness resulting in a long service life. The hoist chain conforms to EN818-7. type T for manual hoists and type DAT and DT case hardened chain for powered hoists. The chain is calibrated and precision made to be compatible with the drive wheels of manufacturer’s hoists.

RUD encourage the exchange of information and development of wheel and chain compatibility between the RUD hoist chain technical department and many of the world’s leading hoist manufacturers. This has given RUD a great degree of knowledge and expertise in the development of hoist chain and load wheel technology and its sometimes tough and demanding working environments.

RUD Chains are used in a wide range of unique and challenging environments such as Offshore, Oil and Gas, Construction and the Entertainment Industry to name a few. You can rest assured that RUD Chain performs each and every time to the challenges of specific projects, whether they are standard or tailored requirements RUD can supply chain to suit your needs.

It is important that any load chain that conforms to EN818-7 must have markings on the chain links for identification, traceability and inspection purposes. See image below.

The general welfare and maintenance of the hoist chain is paramount, RUD have found that through regular lubrication of the chain and in tests held by RUD, a figure of 15-20 times higher number of cycles can be obtained with lubricated chain than with a dry un-lubricated chain.

For over 140 years the RUD group has been producing top quality chains and applications known in the industry for their quality, reliability and innovativeness, why not give RUD a try.

Entertainment Industry Hoist Chain Example

(Sports Personality of the Year 2012 Graham Carlow Photography)

Offshore Hoist Chain Example

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