RUD ICE Chain Pink Powder Coating acts as Overheating Indicator

September 30, 2016

Ideal for Polar & Arctic Use:

RUD ICE chain offers extreme resistance to temperatures from -60°c to +300°c.

The ICE chain is coated with our innovative pink powder coating which acts as an overheating indicator. It shows the temperatures in which the chain can be safely used.

The chain cannot be used in temperatures above 300°c. If the chain reaches temperatures of 300°c or above it will turn from a pink colour to brown, then black which indicates that the chain is unsafe to use and must be taken out of service. The pink powder coating therefore offers a unique safety factor highlighting when the chain is no longer safe for use.

RUD ICE lifting chain is often used across polar and arctic projects due to its extreme resistance to temperatures.

The advantages of RUD ICE chain are abundant. It offers a considerable 30% reduction in weight than Grade 80 chain, using less material and energy used due to its light construction & easier handling. It possesses a 60% higher breaking force than grade 80 chains, is extremely robust, tough and resilient to sharp and rough edges due to the chains increased strength.