RUD PowerPoint Star Swivels & Pivots Loads Safely

July 11, 2016

The demand for loads to be turned, swiveled and rotated safely during the handling process of a project has certainly increased over the years. Loads can easily be damaged and lifting systems can be considerably overloaded. Mould and die manufacturers are prime examples of this, when moulds or dies must be flipped the lifting points they use need to swivel and pivot at the same time.

RUD know how important it is to offer an ultimate safety factor through our lifting points which we have done through our PowerPoint Star. The PowerPoint Star is an extremely robust lifting point which has the ability to pivot 230° and rotate 360° which allows the lifting and turning of goods to run smoothly, as well as reducing costs to damaged tools.

The PowerPoint Star offers a unique double ball bearing system which provides a smooth and efficient swivel action when turning loads and is operational to temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

The forged safety latch protects against lateral bending, as well as the thickened tip of the hook which prevents handling malpractices and resists bending. These features therefore provide an exceptional safety factor, a paramount feature when lifting and moving heavy goods.

The PowerPoint Star is extremely popular due to its “Clevis Fitting” which allows 3 types of connections into the clevis; chain, hooks or most commonly used a master ring. It therefore provides 3 alternatives from one component.