RUD ROV Hook from 10t to 25t

May 21, 2020

Designing a new hook to fix the safety issues faced by the marine sector using conventional Hooks

RUD ROV Hook: Revolutionising Safety from 10t to 25t WLL

The marine sector has long grappled with the safety limitations of conventional hooks. Recognising this critical issue, RUD has innovatively designed the ROV Hook, initially introduced as a 10t model and later expanded to a 25t version.

Addressing Marine Safety Challenges

RUD’s bespoke ROV Hook emerged from a direct need within the marine industry to resolve rigging issues associated with standard ROV-assisted hooks. Two significant safety concerns were identified: shedding and snagging. Shedding — the unintentional release of loads — and snagging — accidental rigging on protruding parts — both posed considerable operational safety hazards during intricate deep-water activities.

To meet these challenges head-on, RUD engineered a novel solution: the initial 10t ROV Hook. This model featured an innovative trigger mechanism that ensured the hook only opened upon intentional activation, thus eliminating the risk of load shedding and snagging.

The Evolution to Ultimate Safety

The industry’s immediate positive response underscored the necessity for a secondary locking mechanism, leading to the development of the twin trigger hook. Premiered at Offshore Europe in 2019, this enhanced design ensures safety through a dual-stage securing system. As David Jaramillo, Business Development Manager for Marine & Offshore at RUD Ketten, states, “Only by deliberately engaging both triggers can the hook open. This ‘ultimate safety’ feature expands the hook’s functionality beyond traditional shackles, catering to a broader spectrum of subsea and topside applications.”

Expanding the Working Load Limit

The escalating demand for a higher WLL culminated in the introduction of the 25t twin trigger ROV Hook, enabling RUD to cater to a more extensive range of subsea lifting tasks, from equipment installation to underwater maintenance and repairs.

Continual Interest and Innovations

The marine sector’s enthusiasm for the RUD ROV Hook continues unabated, owing not just to the enhanced safety factor of 4:1 and the assurance of being 100% crack tested, but also to its proven resilience under dynamic loading — enduring in excess of 20,000 load cycles as per the European Standard EN 1677.

RUD stands as more than a manufacturer — it is a purveyor of solutions, driven by technological prowess and innovation, to address and rectify the industry’s most pressing concerns.

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