RUD VIP Lifting Chain

April 22, 2015

RUD VIP Lifting chain offers extreme resistance to temperatures from -40°c to +300°c

RUD VIP grade 10 chains, established since 1994, have worked across some of the toughest working environments. Although having the same chain diameter as grade 8 chain the VIP range offers up to 30% increase in the working load limit (WLL). The chain dimensions range from 4-28mm with a WLL from 0.6t to 31.5t in single leg and up to 56t in a 4 leg configuration with a balancer.

The VIP range offers a multifunctional WLL identification tag which allows the chain to be inspected for wear and pitch elongation, ensuring the chain meets the three wear criteria.


VIP chain offers extreme resistance to temperatures from -40°c to +200°c offering 100% WLL at this temperature. The chain can be used up to +300°c at a WLL of 90%. The chain cannot be used above 380°c. RUD VIP chain offers an innovative heat indicator, if the chain reaches temperatures of 300°c or above the pink powder coating permanently changes colour. It turns from pink to brown, then black which indicates that the chain is unsafe to use and must be taken out of service.

The VIP range consists of VIP Master Links, VIP Cobra Hooks and VIP Shortening Hook. The VIP cobra hook is supplied with a forged and tempered safety latch that locks into the hook tip and protects against lateral bending. The cobra hook offers ultimate safety, the safety latch is supported by a triple coiled double leg, and the enlarged hook tip prevents misuse.


Operating in hot or cold environments from -40°c to +200°c RUD’s VIP Chain offers the solution to your lifting requirements. From offshore, arctic projects to extreme materials handling at ports, construction sites and plant projects, the applications are vast.

RUD’s VIP Chain offers ultimate strength and resilience to a wide range of projects and working environments.