Sideflex a new concept

April 26, 2013

Erlau AG founded in 1828 in Aalen is a subsidiary of the RUD Group and a leading manufacturer and supplier of tyre protection chains and outdoor furniture.

RUD-Erlau have been producing and protecting tyres with their innovative chains for over 70 years. Tyre chains have worked well for wheeled loaders, bulldozers & graders but are not economically viable for haul trucks. TPC chains will not work for haul trucks due to the long distances they travel, weight considerations and increased fuel costs.


Anyone in the industry knows the continuous vulnerability truck tyres face to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Tyre protection chains are simply not compatible; slow the trucks down, raise fuel consumption, damage to tyres through blowouts and delays in production time.

A solution was needed: Sideflex was the answer the first cost effective sidewall protection for haul truck tyres.


Sideflex is simple in concept and installation, it does what it says it does, offers maximum sidewall protection for haul truck tyres. It comprises a robust set of wheel nuts and extensions supporting a flat ring to which is attached to a fanned array of overlapping platelets. In working action the platelets shield the entire sidewall and deflect the problematic rock debris that commonly pierces the sidewall rendering the tyre useless and immobilising the truck.

The mounting components are made of steel and the all important and impressive Sideflex shield is manufactured from a sophisticated engineering polymer. The robust and innovative material offers a great degree of capability which enables the platelets to flex and deform upon impact and then return to their original shape time after time.


Sidelfex is such an innovative product, it offers numerous advantages to the user, is easy to use and is extremely lightweight which means that for the first time there are solutions to dump truck owners that are cost effective, fully proved and patented.

Sideflex is a brand new concept providing a viable solution to an age old problem of sidewall damage to haul trucks download our brochure for more information


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