Sports Trek 6,000 miles so far

August 28, 2012

Julian Seal from Sports Trek has now travelled 6000 miles on his trek, endured some very very tough roads and mountain trails and is now in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

For those of you not aware of the Trek RUD Chains Ltd are supporting Julian on his mission to travel 35,000 miles around the world visiting the five major regions as represented by the Olympic rings Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceanic.

On his travels Julian endeavours to find out what the Olympics and sports means to children across the world and inspire young children that through sport young people can lift their horizons.

RUD are proud to be supporting such a mission and have also provided our Cortina Snow Chains to help on the trek, we are excited to see the pictures of the snow chains in action in  the winter months

For more info on sports trek and the mission visit our Twitter and facebook pages for updates photos of the Trek so far!/RudChainsLtd

Great mission keep updated on the story as the miles and adventures increase