Sports Trek

March 27, 2013

Sports Trek Update

For those of you who remember RUD sponsored Sporks Trek to travel 35000 miles around the world visiting the five major regions as represented by the Olympic rings Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceanic. He is now 6 months into his trek and has lots of great stories, images & much more to talk about

The route consists of London to Beijing and beyond by way of France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Thailand and Malaysia, Australian Outback, New Zealand, Chile, The Andes, The Amazon, Brazil and across to North Africa and the Sahara Desert. The terrain will be treacherous and extremely variable.

Julian is currently in Australia and has some great blog posts, news and images!! to follow his story step by step visit &

Julian 0z2

Small World Julian bumped into one of our suppliers Robertsons Lifting & Rigging in Perth Western Australia. what a small world!! 🙂

julian OZ111