STARPOINT VRS Adjusts to the Direction of the Pull

January 24, 2017

Top quality lifting equipment when handling heavy loads is vital to the safety of the operator as well as ensuring the loads are not damaged. When undertaking a lift it is important to be aware that the direction of the pull of the lifting point can have a major impact on the working load limit which in turn can create a safety breach. To avoid a safety breach, lifting equipment that can adjust to the direction of the pull to allow full engagement of the bolt is needed.

The RUD STARPOINT VRS lifting point for bolting has been designed to adjust to the direction of the pull. It rotates 360° meaning the working load limit is therefore always at the direction of the load. The STARPOINT removes the chance of bent eyes, backed out threads, or over-tightening which would cause unnecessary stress on the stem.

The VRS offers a safety factor of 4:1, is operational down to temperatures as low as -40° and offers a higher WLL than the DIN 580 eye bolt. It comes with RUD’s NEW ICE-Bolt which offers a higher toughness, bending strength and less wear occurance.

Complex lifts where the load has to be handled in all directions can be safely and effectively done with the use of the STARPOINT VRS. The VRS can be used across a variety of working environments from engineering, construction, rail, offshore, handling and MOD projects to name a few.