TECDOS Conveyor Technology

November 7, 2012

TECDOS Conveyor Technology for the Transport of Packaged Goods & Bulk Materials

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RUD Chains ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality round steel chains, systems and components. For over 140 years the RUD group has been producing top quality chains and applications in accordance with their group wide slogan “Tradition in Dynamic Innovation”. Experience, diligence, ambition and passion are the virtues RUD manifest in order to remain the best. RUD is ISO 9001 certified and is renowned for its expertise in heat treatment methods – delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding applications.
RUD offers an extensive range of conveyor and elevator systems for the transport of packaged goods and bulk materials. The Trough chain conveyors offer a complete system for the smooth transport of your materials. Equipped with round steel chains or forked chains, RUD trough chain conveyors provide the ideal conveyor solution for both horizontal and inclined conveyor sections.
The RUD drag conveyors offers maximum durability in feeding and ash removal for coal fired power plants and bio-mass plants. The strength and versatility of the drag conveyors are remarkable especially when used in harsh conditions.
The Apron conveyor uses round steel link chain as a pulling element which is driven by pocket wheels. The apron conveyor possesses many advantages from its robust simple construction to its lower construction height due to smaller diameter wheels. The round link chain system used is self-cleaning and works well in wet, corrosive and dirty environments. RUD Apron feeders are ideal for the transport of bulk and unit bulk loads in applications such as power stations, recycling and construction.
RUD’S product portfolio offers conveying solutions for conveying projects in any direction, horizontal, inclined or vertical. Screw conveyors are an example of conveyors that can be used in any direction and are suited for conveying abrasive high temperature materials. Bucket elevators are used for conveying at heights and under high performance conditions, an area where RUD has a lot of experience and extensive product range.
RUD retains a high level of technical experience in conveyor and elevator systems for the handling of bulk materials. Supplying standard and specialised solutions across all conveyors, drive and elevator applications, RUD have the expertise and engineering capability to help in even the most demanding of projects.