TECODS Conveyor & Drive Solutions

February 9, 2015

For moving, pulling, lifting, telescoping, pivoting, swivelling and more:

RUD round link chains are used across a range of demanding working environments, they show their strength across our conveyor and hoist systems and our lifting and lashing means. As a response to the increasing demand from the industry for drive solutions based on round steel link chains, RUD established the product group TECDOS®.

TECDOS® components and modules offers unrivalled solutions for a wide variety of maritime applications: for moving, pulling, lifting, telescoping, pivoting and swivelling.

TECDOS® has been setting high standards across the maritime and offshore industry due to its distinctive features. RUD’s fine calibrated round steel link chains are extremely robust, offer three-dimensional mobility and require less space than most comparable solutions. The chain fits perfectly with corresponding components such as pocket wheels and chain guides, which run smoothly and offer an exceptionally high wear resistance.

The latest RUD developments are the TECDOS OMEGA®, TECDOS PI® and TECDOS GAMMA® drive and idler units.

TECDOS OMEGA® is a device which allows you to pull, push, pivot, swivel structures; beams or cranes. Chain ferries use this drive to pull themselves along a chain. On excavator barges it is used to push stud poles up and down, on ship loaders to extend the conveyor beam and in ports it is used to switch railway cars.

TECDOS OMEGA® has features similar to a rack and pinion drives, it is easy to install, tolerates misalignment and heat elongation and does not produce reaction forces. It is less prone to damage when used on ice, sand, heat or other challenging environments.

TECDOS® can be used in all directions, vertical, horizontal or oblique; it can run along curved or straight surfaces or move along curved or straight beams or structures.

TECDOS PI® and TECDOS GAMMA® drives and idler units consist of housing containing the pocket wheels, bearings, guides and knot preventer. They allow deflection of the chain by 180° (TECDOS PI®) and 90° (TECDOS GAMMA®). They are also used for head drives; one loop of chain over two pocket wheels, and one driven by a motor. This works for applications such as spooling devices for winches, for skidding systems or for pushing a hangar door up and down.

For the wind power and the offshore wind industry in particular, TECDOS chain solutions are used in applications such as wind blade production and wind blade installation. TECDOS has also been used for projects such as wind tower installations and maintenance.