VABH-B Excavator Hook for Bolting

August 2, 2016

Can be used with most commercial lifting means

The VABH-B VIP Excavator Hook for bolting offers a range of advantages and lifting options for the user. Firstly they can be used as lifting points on cross bars and beams or for wire rope slings and round slings. They can also be used for lifting means with loop or oval suspension rings.

The VABH-B Excavator Hooks are known as the threaded hook for all lifting means due to the fact they can be used with most commercial lifting means without the need for additional connecting elements.

The ICE-Bolt is made out of RUD patented steel and offers a higher toughness, higher bending strength as well as less wear occurrence.

RUD patented wear marking indicator helps highlight when the lifting equipment is no longer fit for service and needs to be replaced. Therefore, offering an ultimate safety factor to the user.

The VABH-B Excavator Hooks offer a safety factor of 4:1 and are operational from temperatures as low as -40° to plus 350°. They also come with RUD RFID chips embedded into them to help make management of all lifting equipment a quick and easy process should you wish to use the RFID technology.