February 24, 2014


The VRBS load ring operates to -20°, has a safety factor of 4:1 and is loadable in any direction.

The VRBS is a step up from the well established RBS series, offering up to a 30% increase of the working load limit. The two points of attachment facilitate an even and optimal  force distribution into the work piece and therefore usage of thinner base plates is possible. For more VRBS information click here.

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The VRBS-FIX load ring can operate to -40°, is loadable in any direction and offers a safety factor of 4:1.

The VRBS FIX offers weld-on parts without bothersome subsurface corrosion due to circular HY-weld seam. There is no time-consuming alignment between the weld-on blocks and ring.

The clamp spring is placed inside the weld-on block. The spring fixes the weld-on blocks to the ring and creates a radial clamping, resulting in no loose items. The clamping spring also avoids rattling noises.


For more VRBS-FIX info click here.

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