WHY RUD Hoist Chains

May 8, 2024

RUD hoist chains are well known for setting high standards for quality and innovation. The chain’s hardness, strength, design, calibration, range of chain sizes, and durability are key advantages that position RUD as a top choice for your hoist chain needs.

RUD manufacture and supply a range of hoist chains suitable for manual and motor driven hoists. They are used across industries including general engineering, entertainment, offshore, wind power, and industrial applications, making them a versatile solution for many sectors.

There advantages of RUD hoist chains are abundant. Trusted and widely used by all major OEM’s you can rest assured RUD will have the solution for your hoist chain requirements.

Take a look at some of the main advantages of using RUD hoist chain below:

Hoist Chain Advantages:

✅ High strength quality chain H1

✅ Chain for manual & motor driven hoists

✅ Chain sizes 3 x 9 to 32 x 90mm

✅ Customised lengths on request

✅ All hoist chains 100% calibrated & 100% tested

✅ Wear Resistance & Long service life

✅ Outstanding chain strength & Max operating safety

✅ Heat Treatment – case hardened & quenched and tempered chains

✅ Resistance to corrosion due to galvanisation

✅ Corrosion Protection coating – Rust & acid resistant quality

✅ Adhere to industry standards DIN EN 818-7 & JIS 8812

✅ 100% traceability with RUD chain stamping & test certs

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