RUD Hoist Chains – The Trusted Option

March 15, 2024

RUD hoist chains offer unparalleled reliability and endurance

For Wind turbines, working in harsh offshore environments it is vital they have robust and reliable chain, which is where RUD comes in.

Our hoist chains are widely used and trusted across the offshore industry. RUD hoist chains are permanently installed in the wind turbine nacelle for maintenance, safe lifting and lowering of spare parts.

RUD Hoist Chain Advantages at a Glance:

✅ High resistance to corrosion due to galvanization

✅ Trusted & widely used by all major OEM’s

✅ Standard dimensions & lengths on stock

✅ Customised lengths available on request

✅ 100% calibrated & 100% tested

✅ DIN EN 818-7-T/DAT standard

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