Automatic Snow Chains for Emergency Vehicles

December 22, 2014

Safety at the flip of a switch from the drivers seat

ROTOGRIP® is an automatic snow chain system which has been specifically designed for emergency vehicles.

The automatic snow and ice chain is deployed with just a flip-of-a-switch from the driver’s seat, while the vehicle is in motion. ROTOGRIP® enables emergency vehicles to reach their destination regardless of bad weather.Read more here.

RUD’s automatic snow chain system will reduce downtime and increase efficiency and safety in those treacherous winter months. ROTOGRIP® has the ability to work as well in reverse as it does in forward, providing excellent traction at speeds as low as (3-4-mph) and is designed for a wide range of vehicles and suspensions.

The automatic snow chains offer immediate safety at the flip of a switch, helping you get to your destination in perilous wintery conditions.

Keep your emergency vehicles on the move this winter with RUD ROTOGRIP automatic snow chain systems.

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