Heavy Duty Lifting 85- 200 Tonnes

January 15, 2015

RUD manufactures a range of lifting and lashing applications that guarantee ultimate safety when lifting and moving heavy loads. Offering more than 500 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points for bolting and welding. View our product range.

Many of our lifting points have become increasingly popular across the offshore industry due to their heavy lift capabilities of up to 200 tonnes and their robust resistance to corrosion. Offshore Lifting

The WBPG hoist ring offers lifting capabilities from 85-200 tonnes a perfect product for many heavy engineering, construction and offshore projects.

wbpg 2

The WBPG has been one of our most popular products across the offshore industry as it can be supplied from 85-200 tonnes and offers an exceptional resistance to corrosion. Its distinctive features makes it a great product for a wide variety of working environments from heavy engineering, offshore, ship yards to the construction industry. WBPG Hoist Ring.

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