Sidewall tyre protection: Sideflex

January 16, 2015

Sideflex: Innovative Sidewall tyre protection for earthmoving machines

Sideflex provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of sidewall damage to expensive and valuable dumptruck tyres, for construction and mining equipment in particular earthmoving machines.

Anyone in the industry knows the continuous vulnerability truck tyres face to sidewall damage from haul road rock debris and accidental impact. Tyre protection chains would not be a compatible option; slowing the trucks down, raising fuel consumption, damage to tyres through blowout and delays in production time.

Sideflex is an easy to fit, lightweight shield which simply deflects rock and debris from the tyre wall. The device fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground preventing rock and debris from penetrating the tyre wall. Protective arms radiate from a central retaining ring and form a shield covering the sidewall.

sideflex 1

The Sideflex components are quick and easy to assemble; the mounting ring is simply secured to the rim assembly through a selection of specific adapter nuts and extension supports. Tensioning brackets are installed around the rim base to guarantee smooth and even rotation of the shield segments. The shield segments are then attached to the mounting ring to offer complete sidewall protection of your tyre.

sideflex 2

Sideflex can be used across a wide range of wheel rims and tyre sizes and sets to prove itself a real ground breaking product for the industry. Help protect your tyres and ultimately help to increase productivity and reduce damages.

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