Snow Chains

January 20, 2015

For Passenger Cars / SUV’s / Vans

RUD Chains offer a wide range of snow chains for passenger cars, 4×4, vans, trucks, buses commercial and emergency vehicles. Our snow chains ensure ultimate safety and offer maximum traction on snow and icy roads. RUD snow chains are robust, easy to fit and offer a high level of traction on the roads.

RUDcompact Snow Chains:

The RUDcompact range includes: Easy2go, TOP10 and GRIP.

RUDcompact Easy2go snow chains offer an innovative self-tensioning feature.  They have a diagonal configuration track pattern which offers maximum traction and high durability. Body-to-tyre clearance of 9mm.

The TOP10 snow chains are ideal for front and rear wheel drives, offers a diagonal configuration track pattern and a Body-to-tyre clearance of 9mm.

The Compact GRIP are practical and robust. They offer a Body-to-tyre clearance of 12mm, are suited to front and rear wheel drives and comes with rim protection. Learn more here.


RUDmatic Snow Chains:

RUDmatic snow chains range includes: The CLASSIC, HYBRID, STAR TRACK & SOFT SPIKE.

RUDmatic CLASSIC snow chains comprise of a hoop chain for quick fitting and removal under low clearance wheel housings. They are ideal for both front and rear wheel drive. Body-to-tyre clearance 12 mm.

RUDmatic HYBRID snow chains offer excellent protection for light alloy rims, they are easy and straightforward to fit and light to handle. Body-to-tyre clearance 7 mm.

The NEW RUD MATIC STAR TRACK offers a variety of advantages. They supply optimal traction on ice and snow, due to the track pattern mesh with link-ring configuration. Body-to-tyre clearance 14 mm.

The RUDmatic SOFT SPIKE is extremely user friendly and made with a unique combination of textile and metal. They offer maximum grip on ice due to the ferrofil® technology. Body-to-tyre clearance 5 mm. Take a look at the full range.


RUD Centrax Snow Chains:

The RUD CENTRAX is one of the easiest set of snow chains to fit.  The chain is completely fitted from the outer side of the wheel; therefore there is no need to reach behind the wheel.

To fit the CENTRAX you simply mount the adapter, apply the chains to the wheel, slowly drive, and the chains mount onto the wheel. The CENTRAX are easy to fit and offer an exceptionally smooth ride. Body-to-tyre clearance 0 mm. Read more about the Centrax here.

RUD comfort centrax

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