Lifting Equipment for Handling of Plant & Injection Moulding Tools

April 17, 2017

The demand for loads to swivel and pivot safely during the handling process of a project is essential. Loads can easily be damaged and lifting systems can be considerably overloaded. Mould and die manufacturers are prime examples of this, when moulds or dies need to be flipped and handled the lifting points they use need to swivel and pivot at the same time.

The direction of the pull when undertaking heavy lifts that need to swivel and rotate can have a major impact on the working load limit of the standard eyebolt, which can create a safety breach. RUD lifting equipment is often used for the handling of heavy plant and injection moulding tools due to the fact that a selection of our lifting points can safely lift, swivel and pivot items under full loads. RUD lifting points adjust to the direction of the pull to allow full engagement of the bolt, resulting in a safe lift.

RUD’s ICE-LBG SR Super Rotation Load Ring offers the ultimate solution for lifting, turning & flipping at high working loads. It rotates 360° in all directions under load with an innovative ball bearing technology which offers a smooth rotation.

The double ball bearing technology means that lifting, turning or rotating under full loads, vertically or horizontally can now be done safely without any chance of the bolt opening mid lift. The ICE-LBG SR therefore offers an ultimate safety factor to the user and the equipment being handled.

The STARPOINT VRS is another example of RUD lifting equipment which is ideally suited to handling of plant and injection moulding tools. It has been designed to adjust to the direction of the pull and rotates 360°, meaning the working load limit is therefore always at the direction of the load. The STARPOINT removes the chance of bent eyes, backed out threads, or over-tightening which would cause unnecessary stress on the stem.

The PowerPoint Star, an extremely robust lifting point has the ability to pivot 230° and rotate 360° allowing the lifting and turning of goods to run safely and smoothly, as well as reducing costs to potentially damaged tools. The forged safety latch protects against lateral bending and the thickened tip of the hook helps prevent handling malpractices and resists bending, therefore delivering an exceptional safety feature when lifting and handling heavy goods.

For ultimate safety lifting and handling heavy plant and injection moulding tools, RUD lifting equipment offers the perfect solution.