BULKOS Apron Conveyor Systems for Bulk Materials Handling

February 10, 2017

RUD conveyor and drive systems offer a range of product solutions to the bulk materials industry: Our robust conveyors consist of scraper conveyors; drag chain conveyors, screw conveyors and apron feeders.

The transportation of bulk materials is a major challenge to ensure the availability of building materials when they are needed. System availability and reliability are often overlooked and quick solutions are used which only secures limited success.

RUD BULKOS Apron Feeders are extremely robust and based on our round steel link chain which acts as a pulling element and is driven by pocket wheels. The Apron Feeder offers a range of advantages to the user and goods being conveyed. Its robust, yet simple construction offers a lower height due to smaller diameter wheels.

Apron conveyor system

The Apron Feeder offers a closed plate cover which helps the chains remain clean during operation therefore minimising wear and tear. The round link steel chain used is also self-cleaning and works well in wet, corrosive and dirty environments.

BULKOS Apron feeder have been used across a range of market segments from power stations, mining, iron and steel works, tunnel construction, quarrying, recycling and the cement industry to name a few.

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