LPW Lashing Point Offers up to 50% Increased Lashing Capacity

January 31, 2017

RUD lashing chains help ensure maximum safety when transporting heavy machinery & loads, as well as reducing costs to potentially damaged goods. Most importantly the appropriate lashing chain helps avoid accidents with loads moving and sliding when in transit.

The LPW lashing point is designed to RUD VIP quality and offers up to 50% increased lashing capacity compared with the standard design. The welding block is marked with the permitted lashing capacity “LC” in daN. The chain offers an optimised 90 degree patented load support and an inside spring for noise dampening is available.

The LPW offers a full loading capacity in all loading directions, a safety factor of 2:1 and is operational to temperatures as low as -20°. The Lashing point provides a lashing capacity range of 3,000 to 32,000 daN.

RUD Lashing Chains help ensure maximum safety when lashing and transporting heavy loads. The chains are typically used across a variety of sectors from lashing for MOD applications to heavy and abnormal loads for road haulage, load beds, cargo, offshore, rail, construction and plant to name a few.

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