RUD Hoist Chains for Motor Driven & Manual Hoists

July 17, 2017

RUD Hoist Chains are made from our highly wear resistant round steel chains according to EN 818-7, for motor driven and manual hoists, they can be supplied to suit a variety of project sizes from 3 x 9 mm up to 32 x 90 mm.

Our Hoist Chain offers excellent resistance to wear due to its robust surface and depth hardness, particularly in the joints which results in a long service life. The chain is 100% calibrated and provides outstanding dynamic strength and maximum operating safety. The Hoist Chains provide clear markings on the chain links which is a requirement for all chain that conforms to EN818-7 for identification, traceability and inspection purposes.

The general welfare and maintenance of hoist chain is vital, RUD have found that through regular lubrication of the chain and in tests held by RUD, a figure of 15-20 times higher number of cycles can be obtained with lubricated chain than with a dry un-lubricated chain.

The applications that RUD Hoist Chain can be used across cover a range of industries from onshore and offshore wind farms, general and heavy engineering to the entertainment industry for stage technology. For more information take a look at our hoist chain brochure: