RUD ICE Lashing Chains offers up to 60% higher lashing capacity

June 1, 2017

RUD ICE lashing chain offers a significant weight reduction for the user of up to 45% reduction in weight compared to grade 80 chains. The lighter chains mean that the user has less weight to carry and lift which results in faster mounting possibilities and increased overall safety. They offer an improved ergonomic design that enables faster fitting and heightened safety.

ICE lashing chain not only offers up to 60% higher lashing capacity than Grade 80: It is also operational in arctic applications down to -60 degrees. The success and technical advantages of RUD’s VIP chain were used and developed across the ICE lashing chain range. Tensioning, connecting and shortening elements have been considerably improved in terms of weight and functionality.

The innovative ICE-CURT is a tensioning and shortening element all in one. The integrated shorteners of the ICE-CURT ensure that there is no lost adjustment, which means there is additional adjustment as there is no need for a shortening hook or claw on the lashing assembly. The danger of incorrect shortening is prevented. The chain is quick and easy to handle and can be shortened and tensioned effortlessly.

RUD lashing chains are typically used across a variety of sectors from lashing for MOD applications to heavy and abnormal loads for road haulage, load beds, cargo, offshore, rail, construction and plant. They help ensure maximum safety when transporting heavy machinery & loads, as well as reducing costs to potentially damaged goods.

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