RUD TXP Textile Lifting Point

November 7, 2022

The first textile lifting point of its kind to offer maximum load surface protection

The NEW RUD TXP Texolution-Point offers the solution for the protection of load surfaces. Loads with delicate surfaces can be easily damaged by conventional lifting means, chains, shackles, or hooks. Extra costs are often incurred due to accidents and damages to the load.

How the RUD TXP Textile Lifting Point Works

The impressive TXP lifting point offers two materials innovatively and uniquely connected. The textile sling is made of high-tech performance material. The bolt is made of RUD’s patented ICE steel. The sling is available in two lengths 0.5 m or 1.0 m and the bolt is available in three sizes for flexible use: M16, M20 and M24, other sizes are available on request.

The intensive design process of the TXP-Texolution-Point involved developing a new eyelet design which contributed to maintaining the overall load capacity (WLL) Hermann Kolb, division manager at RUD states:

‘Our engineers have developed a new eye design, in which the radii and transitions are designed optimally for the textile sling – this ensures optimum and textile-protecting force transfer without reducing the WLL’

The Benefits of the TXP Texolution Point

The TXP Texolution-Point offers the operator additional handling benefits due to its weight saving capabilities. It’s low dead weight, being made from textile material simplifies handling and provides considerable advantages ergonomically. It can also remain on a workpiece during transport or between lifting procedures because the protective textile sling cannot damage the load, ultimately saving time and costs due to potential damages.

The TXP is used across a range of industries that deal in lifting and handling of delicate loads such as: the automotive industry, aerospace, press plants, turbine construction, industrial assembly, plant and mould construction to name a few.

The impressive TXP Texolution-Point sets the standard: It protects, lifts, and moves.

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