Handling of Tools up to 2.5 tons

May 18, 2022

Handling of Tools up to 2.5 Tons with RUD TECDOS TMB Tool-Mover Bench 

Our RUD TECDOS TMB Tool-mover bench has been aptly named ‘The Problem Solver’ for handling small tools, moulding forms, and objects up to 2.5 tons. This impressive device offers a unique combination of a workbench and turnover device in one machine. 

Easy Handling and Maintenance 

The TECDOS TMB Tool-mover bench allows you to easily move, handle, and maintain your tools of up to 2.5 tons with just a cordless screwdriver. This innovative solution simplifies tool handling, making difficult and awkward manoeuvres a thing of the past. 

Compact and Portable Design 

The TMB bench boasts a compact size and low weight, providing space-saving capabilities. This allows the bench to be easily moved and positioned around your workspace via crane or forklift, enhancing operational efficiency. 

Safety and Versatility 

For the safety of your tools and operators, while handling, the TMB can be easily held in any swivelled position. Its adjustable height means the TMB can be seamlessly integrated into existing workshop processes, ensuring versatility in various applications. 

No Auxiliary Power Needed 

The drive is operated simply with a cordless screwdriver, eliminating the need for electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic auxiliary power. This feature makes the TMB bench highly convenient and easy to use in any workshop environment. 


The RUD TECDOS TMB Tool-mover bench can be utilized across a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Injection Moulding 
  • Automotive 
  • Tool Design 
  • Construction 

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