RUD VRBS Load Ring on Plate for Welding

November 22, 2016

100% working load limit at 90° in the load ring plane:

RUD offers over 600 different tested and certified lifting and lashing points which cover a working load capacity range of 0.6 to 250 tonne. Our lifting equipment is used across a wide range of working environments from Heavy Lifting, Engineering, Materials Handling, Offshore, Construction, Rail, MOD and many more.

The RUD VRBS load ring on plate for welding offers a range of advantages and lifting options for the user. The VRBS load ring provides an impressive 100% working load limit at 90° in the load ring plane, and the suspension ring pivots 180°. It provides a safety factor of 4-1 and has the ability to operate to temperatures as low as -40°c to plus 400°c.

RUD patented wear marking indicator helps highlight when the lifting equipment is no longer fit for service and needs to be replaced. The minimum working load limit in all directions is clearly marked which offers ultimate safety to the user.

The VRBS offers a load capacity range up to 50 tonnes making it an ideal option for many heavy lifting projects. The VRBS is typically used in Fabrication; it can be used for Lifting the fabrication during the manufacturing process, lifting the fabrication onto transport and doubling up as lashing points for the transportation.

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