January 14, 2014

Lifting Points for Bolting

Known as the STAR among eye bolts due to its distinctive advantages

VRS-M16. I.5T

Anyone in the industry knows how important safety is when lifting and moving heavy loads. Many manufacturing companies are unaware that the direction of the pull can have a major impact on the working load limit of the standard eyebolt, creating a safety breach. The solution to this is to use an appropriate lifting point that can adjust to the direction of the pull to allow full engagement of the bolt, resulting in a safe lift.

RUD have developed lifting points that are designed to adjust to the direction of the pull, there are known as the STARPOINT and the POWERPOINT


lifting points


The STARPOINT VRS also known as the STAR among eye bolts offers many advantages. Firstly the STARPOINT® will swivel to the direction of the load lift, the working load limit is therefore always at the direction of the load. The STARPOINT® removes the chance of bent eyes, backed out threads, or over-tightening which would cause unnecessary stress on the stem.

  • Operational to -40 degrees
  • Safety factor 4:1
  • Loadable in any direction
  • Adjusts to the direction of the pull
  • The STARPOINT® is available in sizes 1/4″ to 2″ and metric sizes of M8 through M48
  • Marked working load limits (WLL) are rated at 90° from thread
  • Capacities from .4 to 12 metric tons at 90° and 1 to 32 metric tons at 0°
  • Clear indication of working load limit in metric tons and lbs. for side loading applications
  • Forged material (1.6541) alloy quenched and tempered
  • The STARPOINT® is supplied with an annealed star – profile – key. Simply engage the Hexagon socket bolt with the star – profile – key and use your fingers to respectively tighten or untighten the arrangement. Disengage the key. The STARPOINT® is rotatable.

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The STARPOINT® has a distinct florescent pink powder coating which changes colour when the temperature exceeds over 200°C. If the STARPOINT® reaches temperatures up to 400°C, the colour changes to a deep black with small bubbles, indicating that it has been over-heated

lifting pointslifting points


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