RUD Tyre Protection Chains: Hillhead Stand W6

June 20, 2018

This year at Hillhead RUD will be showing a range of our advanced tyre-protection chains and Sideflex device for sidewall protection. RUD Chains have been manufacturing and supplying quality Tyre Protection Chains all over the world for over 70 years for a variety of earthmover machines, working in harsh conditions such as quarries, mines, slag recycling, steel mill operations and other heavy industries.

RUD Tyre Protection Chains offer a wide range of wear links to provide either traction and protection or both. The chain is designed so that it is specific to the customer’s operational needs. For example, the Ring-Locking system has specifically designed edges on the outer surface of the chain and a multiple link configuration to help increase traction on aggressive and low traction surfaces such as fire and hot slag.

Our Tyre Protection Chains are well known in the industry for their quality, helping to reduce operating costs; decreasing downtime and most importantly increasing overall productivity.

Also on show at Hillhead is our Sideflex, sidewall protection device. It provides a cost-effective solution for sidewall damage to expensive and valuable dumptruck tyres. Sideflex is an easy to fit, lightweight shield which simply deflects rock and debris from the tyre wall. The device fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground preventing rock and debris from penetrating the tyre wall. Protective arms radiate from a central retaining ring and form a shield covering the sidewall.

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