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The PI-GAMMA complete system drive is ideally suited for horizontal, ascending and vertical tasks, with its fixed 180 degree deflection (PI), or its flexible deflection of between 90 and 180 degrees (GAMMA). The reason for this is the drive technology motor, which is located at the top.

The PI-Gamma system can be used across a range of industries for:

  • Port & Harbour Equipment
  • Handling Solutions
  • Automotive
  • Onshore & offshore
  • Entertainment & Stage building

Typical uses for RUD drive technology:

  • Locks on blast furnaces or large industrial gates
  • Structural elements used in the entertainment industry/stage equipment in concert halls and musical theatres.
  • Gangways in port facilities

Corrosion resistant, robust & much more: check out all the benefits below

  • 2-in-1-solution, 10% lighter & narrower
  • The TECDOS drive unit with insert enables a 180° redirection
  • When the insert is removed, the drive unit enables a redirection between 90° and 180°
  • Durable, reliable and safe
  • Flexible complete solutions for all requirements
  • Easy installation of the drive and chain systems.
  • Small sizes & heavy loads
  • galvanized surface (doesn´t apply to the entertainment area)

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